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Must be able to swim 100 meters or wear PFD any time on the water

As of March 13, 2019 members of BIAC must be able to swim 100 meters or wear a PFD on the water at all times, in any boat (rowing, paddling, launch). We will be changing our membership application (and renewal) to require agreement with the new swim policy. Note also that California law requires any person under the age 13 to wear a PFD when in a vessel of any size, with no exceptions.

No dogs permitted at BIAC

As of September 12, 2018, no dogs are permitted at BIAC, with the exception of task-trained Service animals that meet the ADA definition (comfort or emotional support animals do not meet the definition). The board implemented this policy in response to an incident that occurred at BIAC. Note that the no dog policy applies to everyone at BIAC, including members, coaches, and guests.

Safety Means Being Visible!

Being seen on the water is important for the safety of everyone. All BIAC users in all boats, including coached team boats, are strongly encouraged to wear clothing that enhances their visibility including bright ("hi-viz") colors. A hat is not enough. Black or dark colored clothing is discouraged as you are less visible to others and so endanger both yourself and other users. It may impair a rescuer's ability to find you in the event you end up in the water. Please consider your safety and dress for visibility. Check out the JL Racing store online and purchase your own BIAC hi-viz rowing kit.

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