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Sweep Rowing

Rowers use slender boats ("shells") with long oars, face backwards, and use their full body (60% legs, 25% back, and 15% arms in that order) for power. Rowers come in two flavors: sweep rowers and scullers.

Sweep rowing is a team sport with each rower holding one long oar in both hands.  You row on either the left (port) or right (starboard) side of the boat. Bigger sweep boats usually have a coxswain to steer the boat and direct the crew. Sweep boats include eights, coxed and straight (un-coxed) fours, and pairs. Beginners attend a Learn to Row session, after which they are invited to join the Novice Masters Team. Experienced rowers can row on the Recreational or Open or Competitive Masters Team. Information on all rowing opportunities is found here.


See Rowing and Sculling programs for an overview of all available classes and groups.

Sculling is both an individual and a team sport, with the rower holding an oar in each hand, on each side of the shell. Sculling boats include singles, doubles, and quads. Many members row both sweep and sculling. The best way to begin sculling is to enroll in one of the Learn to Scull classes offered during the warm months.

After a few weeks, beginners are able to scull on their own as they develop their skills. Because Bay area winds and waters are calmer in the mornings, that's when you'll find most BIAC scullers enjoying themselves on our waterways. See classes and camps available to scullers at BIAC.

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