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Masters Rowing Teams

Participation on a BIAC Masters (Adult) Team requires club membership and payment of equipment fees. These teams practice both sweep and sculling, with focus on team boats (2-/x, 4x, 4+, 8+). The Masters Teams are separated into Novice, Intermediate, Competitive and Daylight Crew. The Novice, Intermediate and Competitive Teams each offer three sessions per week and require an additional $80 monthly fee for participation. Daylight Crew payments are on a per-session basis ($28). Each team offers opportunities to build on your current competencies and advance based on your goals and interests.

Novice Team

  • Practice times: 5:30-7:30am Tuesday & Thursday, and 6:00-8:00am Saturday.
  • Composed primarily of Learn to Scull graduates and other rowers with fewer than two years of experience.
  • Rowers further develop sweep and sculling skills, and prepare to compete in local and regional regattas. 
  • The Novice Team head coach is Chuck Bonnici.
  • Please contact Coach Chuck to inquire about trying a practice or joining the Novice Team.

Intermediate / Open Team

  • Practice times: 5:15-7:00am Tuesday & Thursday, and 6:00-8:00am Saturday.
  • Open to all recreational rowers with 1+ year of experience including graduates of the novice program as well as rowers with previous experience.
  • Practices are coached with a roughly one coach/2-3 boats ratio. The emphasize is on technique, fitness, and teamwork.
  • Rowers can expect to row both sweep and sculls as well as share coxing duties which rotate about once a month per athlete.
  • The Open Team head coach is Jenifer Aguirre.
  • Please contact team lead Michelle Hohenberger to inquire about trying a practice or joining the Open Team.

Competitive Team

  • Practice times are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings 5:00-7:15am, with some optional weekends and land training.
  • Comprised of experienced, competitive rowers. Rowers typically have 3+ years of experience and train for regional and national regattas.
  • The competitive team head coach is Chris Flynn.
  • Please contact team lead Jesús Serrano-Cendejas to inquire about trying a practice or joining the Competitive Team.

Daylight Crew

  • Practice days and times vary but are always in daylight hours on weekdays, usually Tuesday or Thursday from 8-10am.
  • Comprised of rowers with 1+ years of experience who'd like additional coached hours with a focus on improving skills and moving the boat effectively. Each session includes video review.
  • The daylight crew coach is Amanda Hawkins.
  • Visit this page for full details including a schedule and information on how to sign up.

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