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Coastal Boat Types

Coastal boats are designed with three main points in mind: stability in rough conditions, no water retention, and performance. That gives you a boat significantly heavier and wider than a flat water racing shell, designed to let any water that comes in drain out. 

See short video clip here:

The categories are mainly sculling: 1x, 2x, 4x for Men, Women or 2x mixed.

Boat Dimensions and Events


1 rower

  • Max length: 6.00 m (19.7 ft)
  • Min Weight: 35 kg (77.2 lbs)
Coastal events: CW1x, CM1x


2 Rowers

  • Max length: 7.50 m (24.6 ft)
  • Minimum weight: 60 kg (132.3 lbs)
Coastal Events: CW2x, CM2x, CMx2x

BIAC owns one Swift coastal 2x boat



4 Rowers with coxswain

  • Max length: 10.70 m (35.1 ft)
  • Min weight: 150 kg (330.7 lbs)

Coastal Events: CW4x+, CM4x+



Sweep 4 rowers with coxswain

not FISA regulated event


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