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"Lifestyle Injuries"

09/15/2020 10:12 PM | Anonymous member

I have noticed an uptick in “lifestyle injuries” in my clinic since shelter-in-place began. We are on video conferences so much that the word Zoom has become a verb. And I do not mean zoom in the sense that you just saw your teammate zoom past you in a boat. 

If you have been taking advantage of being able to go out in a single, you are probably doing better than most. But you will still be at risk for injuries if you then go home and sit through the majority of your work day. One of the things I recommend to my patients is to set up at least two work stations in their homes with one of those being a standing workstation. This could be as simple as moving your laptop to the kitchen counter for some time while you work. Ergonomics at your workstation matters the same way technique matters in the boat: poor technique and poor ergonomics can set you up for injury and decrease your efficiency.

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