Coastal Rowing Classes

This summer we're excited to offer:

L2: Intro to Coastal for Rowers

What is Open Water Rowing and Coastal Rowing?

Open water rowing combines sculling, endurance, currents, waves, tide, wind, and teamwork! Visit this page to learn all about coastal rowing including boat types, safety, techniques and more.

As mountain biking is to cycling, open water rowing is to rowing. This sport (which includes coastal rowing) requires a dash of seamanship in addition to rowing skills and fitness. Open water rowers navigate tides and currents, read the water, and surf the waves. It can be a relaxing exploration of waterways or intense international racing.  While coastal and open water are often used interchangeably, open water is the broader category that includes heavy, seaworthy boats racing on challenging water, be it a coastline or lake.

More background:

Check out BIAC Coastal Rowing with info about BIAC's participation in previous Coastal World competitions and BIAC-hosted coastal racing events on the San Francisco Bay. There is also information about coastal and open water boats, racing, navigation and safety, history, and events on the world stage.

Our equipment:

BIAC has two Coastal solo (1x) boats and one Coastal double (2x). We also have 14 open water singles (1xs) and special summer access to two Coastal 4x+ boats. We are now forming classes, organized rows and expeditions, scrimmages and training for both BIAC members and the public who would like to participate in coastal rowing.

Level 2: Intro to Coastal for Rowers

Coastal Rowing is the latest rage and a great skill to have for BIAC’s windy afternoons. Rowers will use the Coastal 1x, Coastal 2x and Coastal 4x+ as well as open water boats.

Skills taught in this class include:
  • learning to row in wind and waves (and embrace them!)
  • buoy turns
  • how coastal boats are different from classic rowing boats
  • coastal race formats – what they are and how to participate
  • how to safely reenter an open water boat in windy conditions

The cost for this class is $150 for members; $200 for non-members. Registrants may be asked about their rowing experience upon registration to make sure this is the right class for them.

NOTE: Rowers must be competent and comfortable in a 21' or 24' (wherry) single. Some sessions will be in group boats; please email Amanda if you are not comfortable in bigger boats. We recommend at least one year of rowing (or sculling) experience to enjoy this class.

L2 Intro to Coastal for Rowers – Class Schedule

Click a date below to see full event details and register.

Each session includes four 90-minute sessions. Classes have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 registrants.
Cost is $150/members, $200 non-members.

 Session Dates Times
1 May 31-June 9
Tu/Th Evenings 5:00-6:30pm
July 12-21 Tu/Th Evenings 5:00-6:30pm
3 August TBD
Can't attend in June or July? Email Amanda that you want an August class.

Prerequisites: Rowers must be competent and comfortable in a 21 or 24 (wherry) and 1x certified.

We recommend at least one year of experience to participate this class. This class is not for those who don't know how to row.


Contact Coach Amanda:

Fine Print (Refund Policy)

We offer a full refund up to one week before your session starts. We will refund 75% of your registration fee if you must cancel within a week of your session. No refunds are offered after the first day of class, although if necessary we will make every effort to reschedule you in a later session.

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