National Learn to Row Day!

  • 06/07/2014
  • 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • BIAC Boathouse, 1450 Maple Street, Redwood City


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National Learn to Row Day - FAQ

Q: What ages can row at BIAC? 
A: BIAC is a Masters program for anyone post-college and up all racing and rowing together. For High Schoolers, there are two junior programs NorCal and Serra, both row out of our boathouse.

Q: Can I try rowing even if I've never done a sport before?
A: Absolutely. Sure, it helps to have participated in sports before but there are plenty of current rowers with rowing as their first sport.

Q: Will learn to row day be strenuous?
A: No, the LTR day is very relaxed and an easy day where we work on the proper technique. Anyone can participate, but expect to get a little sweaty.

Q: What should I wear?
A: You will be a little sweaty by the end of the session, so gym or workout clothes are appropriate. You may also get a little wet from being out on the water. And due to the sliding seat very loose or baggy clothing has a tendency to get caught so avoid wearing it if possible.  Rowers typically wear trou (similar to bike shorts), t-shirt, and a hat and sunglasses are useful for the sunny days.

Q: I can't swim, can I still participate? 
A:  Yes, you absolutely can, we will have a coach nearby at all times with flotation devices handy. The risk of ending up in the water is very very low, but we are ready to assist in the event that it happens. If you are nervous before going out please let a coach or member know.

Q: Is there a bathroom and running water?
A: Yes to both.

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