Concept2 Military Challenge - Join us for the competition!

February 1-28 2017

Please join us to participate in a one-month worldwide competition between Military branches on rowing machines (also known as ergometers or "ergs").
Who can participate? This event is for anyone who is or has been affiliated with any military branch or organization (worldwide).

All skill levels are welcome. This event is open to BIAC members (rowers and paddlers) and the public.

Where and when? We will offer military erg time at BIAC on Sunday afternoons, including coaching. BIAC is located at 1450 Maple Street, Redwood City. Members may also log meters outside of Sunday afternoons.

What's the goal? The goal is to see how many meters you can erg from February 1 to 28.

After you row, watch the Military Challenge Standings to see how your branch and organization stack up to the other military affiliations globally and at BIAC.

At BIAC we already have Air Force, Navy, Marines and Army represented. Who will have the most participants?

What branch will be honored on the BIAC perpetual trophy for 2017 ... ???

To encourage participation between able-bodied and adaptive participants, a formula will be used when calculating meters to compensate for different levels of ability.

No experience required, no cost for your pain! You do not need rowing or erging experience to join us. We encourage you to come as you are for the Sunday afternoons, for quality free coaching and comradery.

The only fee is your sweat and mental fortitude.  

What should I wear and bring? Wear comfortable and close-fitting workout clothing. Bicycling or running gear is great. You will need socks and running shoes or similar for the erg. Bring water to drink in a re-usable container, and energy snacks if you think you will bonk. We can answer more questions when you email us.

Who should I contact to learn more? Email, BIAC's director of adaptive rowing and veterans programming, to sign up or for more information.​

(You can also take a look at the challenge on the Concept2 website, but we will sign up together with you as part of our challenge group.)

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