BIAC Self Distancing Training Plan

We have members who are teens to over 80 and we all enjoy being on the water and part of a team.

If you're at home, here are some ways to workout on your own. 

USRowing Presents: Stay At Home Sessions with Sam

If your goal is to improve your health or race at Nationals we have suggestions for you. Some of you already have a training plan, including warm ups. This information is to supplement that plan and for members who want to get started.

Assuming we will be self distancing for the next few weeks or more, below are some tips.


The goal is to get better over a month, not to go too hard on day one and not be able to function the following week! Be smart. If you are over 60 here is a good article on how you should modify your training.

First off, assess where you are today.

  • Flexibility
  • Cardio
  • Strength

Increasing these takes time, but step one is seeing where you are and then measuring again every few weeks to note improvement, which help to keep us motivated.


  • Before you do any training please warm up and cool down post work out, here is a great article. 
  • Here is another article with great warm-up and cool down exercises, this one from Ellen Tomek, member of Team USA who has trained at BIAC.
  • Want more? Check out these warmup exercises, complete with videos to demonstrate.




  • Do some yoga for rowers! Check out this article and be sure to click on the links to pictures to understand all the poses.


  • Watch short, informative videos about every aspect of rowing. Decent Rowing has a 1-week free trial (no CC required) so you can access their entire library of content. Continued access to their content is $10/mo.
  • USRowing is hosting informative webinars almost every weekday at 4pm and posting recordings as well. Check out past topics you might like, for example a presentation about muscle loss and aging, known as Sarcopenia, and how older athletes can strive to keep their bodies going strong with good nutrition and healthy habits or how to erg to improve your technique.

Talk with me,

We are all in this together, send updates and photos to Alice at Ops to inspire others.

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