Masters (Adult) Rowing and Sculling Programs

BIAC offers these programs for adult rowers and scullers. For information about any of these programs, please email or see the Contacts page for particular programs.

Interested in a Guest row? BIAC offers a few opportunities for guests who are experienced rowers or scullers. If you are visiting from out of town or would like to try-before-you-buy a full membership, see Guest Scullers and Rowers.

See also Masters Paddling Program and Masters Dragon Boat Program.

Novice Masters Rowing Team

Composed primarily of Learn to Row graduates, this team practices Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 5:00-7:00am and Saturday morning from 6:00-8:00am. Rowers further develop rowing and sculling skills, and prepare to compete in local and regional regattas. The head novice coach is Chuck Bonnici

To join this program, complete and submit the Rowing and Sculling Membership Application.

Open Masters Rowing Team

This co-ed crew consists of rowers with a year or more of experience, including but not limited to graduates from the BIAC novice program or rowers with previous high school, college or masters experience. Practices are coached with a general one coach/1-2 boats ratio and emphasize technique, fitness, and teamwork. Rowers can expect to row both sweep and sculls as well as share coxing duties which rotate about once a month per athlete. There are also seasonal opportunities to race in local regattas.

Practice times are Tuesday and Thursday mornings 5:00-7:00am, and Saturday mornings 6:00-8:00am. Rowers new to BIAC with previous rowing experience are asked to come out for a practice or two for technical evaluation to make sure the Open Team program is a good fit. The open team head coach is Jenifer Aguirre.

To join this program, complete and submit the Rowing and Sculling Membership Application.

Competitive Masters Rowing Teams

For experienced, highly competitive rowers, the men's and women's competitive masters teams practice Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:00-7:00am, with additional required individual and group practices. The teams prepare for local, regional, national and international regattas. The competitive team lead is Frances Rubenstein.

To join this program, complete and submit the Rowing and Sculling Membership Application.

Sunday Crew

Rowing with a small crew in a relaxed, Sunday setting means time for individual attention, and a deeper look at all parts of the stroke. Rowers meet at 8:15am on Sundays and row until 10am. Sunday crew is available at no additional cost to rowers on Novice, Open and Competitive crews. Rowers not on these crews are also welcome to participate for a $15 per session drop-in fee. If you are interested in joining a class, contact the team lead at

Sunday Crew is a sweep technique class taught by Coach Jenifer Aguirre.

Masters Sculling Program

Scullers use either their own private shells or common BIAC sculls.  They generally row in the morning when the water and winds are calm.

Coached sessions are available throughout the year. Occasional technique clinics are offered, usually during the warmer months. 

Scullers range in interest from recreational to fitness to highly competitive. Many members of BIAC rowing teams are also Master Scullers; knowing how to scull helps to be a better sweep rower. 

To join this program and be eligible for any of the member programs described below, complete and submit the Rowing and Sculling Membership Application.

Learn to Scull

BIAC offers a Learn to Scull program taught by Chuck Bonnici. Classes meet for eight sessions over two-and-a-half weeks, MWF from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Included in the price is a month's trial membership in BIAC, during which participants can take other sculling classes, perhaps become certified in a single scull, and decide if they wish to become BIAC members. For more information, contact Susan Adams.

In addition, we offer experienced sweep rowers, or scullers returning to the sport after a hiatus, weekend "derust" clinics, during which Alice Henderson helps you refresh your skills and achieve certification to take out single shells on your own. For more information, contact Alice Henderson

Sculling Technique Sessions

Alice Henderson offers coached sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. This is a technical sculling class with a bit of cardio. If you prefer to row during the week in the sunshine, this may be the class for you! Members row at their own pace and are given individual coaching attention. A participant describes the sessions as "...specific to each person's needs," appreciating Alice's ability to "find a solution to that specific problem." For more information, or if you are interested in joining a session, contact Alice Henderson.

Masters Competitive Sculling Group

Coached by Mike Still, this program is for intermediate and advanced scullers focused on improving their fitness level and sculling technique. Most sessions include a video review. Although many members of the group compete, that is not a necessary prerequisite. Practices  are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 8:30-10, and Saturday morning 9-10:30. If you are interested in joining a practice, contact Heidi Schley.


Guest Scullers and Rowers

For experienced rowers and scullers, a drop-in row (arranged in advance) with either a buddy or one of the teams is available for a small fee.  All options require signing a waiver and coach approval of your skill set to use our equipment and launch from our docks. The team rows are a little easier in terms of these requirements because coaches are present, but if you are an experienced sculler, getting out on the water with a club member as a sponsor is very do-able.

Here is a sampling of nice drop-in options to get you started.

  • Find a club member to go out with in a double or singles. 

  • On Saturdays, the Open Team practices with Coach Jenifer from 6am - 8am. Practices typically include 8+'s (sweep), 4x's and 2x's (sculling). The 2 hours breaks down to ~ half technical drills and half all boat rowing. Contact the Open Team lead.
  • Also on Saturdays is a Competitive sculling practice starting at 9:00. See the description above of the Masters Competitive Sculling Group.

  • On Sundays from 8:15 -10am, the Open Team coach, Jenifer , takes out an 8+ and sometimes more boats for a focused technique session. It's a great way to brush up on your sweep technique, learn some new drills, and meet teammates and occasional brunch pals. Contact the team lead at
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