CDBA Affiliates - Notes

BIAC hosts several CDBA teams through our facility. Because CDBA members are not full members of BIAC and CDBA pays significantly reduced fees, we ask that CDBA paddlers please observe the following restrictions to help manage the impact of CDBA users on our facility and member programming.

  • Parking - CDBA Paddlers are not allowed to park at the paved area by the boathouse. They are allowed to park along Maple St. in the unpaved areas. (Please see graphic below). Carpool is highly recommended during high traffic times (i.e. weekday evenings or Saturday mornings)
  • Boathouse and Restrooms - CDBA Paddlers are not allowed to use the BIAC boathouse including the indoor restrooms. Paddlers are only allowed access to the equipment area where the PFD and paddles are stored. They are permitted to use the porta-potty restrooms outside the boathouse.
  • Equipment and Storing Belongings - CDBA Paddlers are not allowed to leave their belongings on the deck, dock or any areas that experience foot traffic. Belongings (i.e. bags, shoes, etc.) should either be stored in the trunk of vehicles or in the equipment area where PFD and paddles are stored. We want to prevent individuals from injuring themselves by tripping over objects. Please keep the equipment area clean by having the PFDs and paddles hung properly.
  • Meeting/Warm-Up/Stretching Areas - During high traffic periods (i.e. weekday evenings or Saturday mornings), please be mindful of other individuals at BIAC. To reduce the congestion during high traffic periods, please have your teams meet/warm-up/stretch away from the deck and outside the boathouse area.  (Please see graphic below for areas to meet/warm-up/stretch). 
  • Water Bottles -  Ban the bottle, help reduce pollution in the Bay! Please bring reusable water bottles to BIAC rather than disposal water bottles.
Thanks for your help and consideration.

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