Beach Sprints at Bair Island Aquatic Center

Olympic beach sprints are coming, and the sport is already a World Rowing Championship Event. At the World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals in Portugal, September 2021, Team USA and U19 athletes will be competing for the first time. Bair Island Aquatic Center is helping athletes prepare for this exciting new competition.

Bair Island Aquatic Center is pleased to be promoting the new and dynamic sport of Beach Sprints. To better enable athletes to try the sport and to train year-round:

We have a permanent regulation buoy line positioned just off our South Dock for year-round turn practice. We offer classes for our members and guests to learn and train in C1xs, including beach sprint work.

We were excited to host the first USA U19 Beach Sprint ID Camp, including a scrimmage, in October of 2019.

We plan to host future camps for those interested in racing for Team USA at the World Beach Sprint Championships in Portugal 2021.

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